Tobacco vanille Type

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Non Alcoholic Pure Perfumes
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100 % Same Scent + Same Note + Same Feeling as Tobacco Vanille

Non- Alcoholic Perfume

Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford Cologne. Bask in the sweet and smoky fragrance of Tobacco Vanille, a soul-soothing potpourri. At the top are tobacco leaf and spicy notes that later disappear and make way for the heart, which presents gourmand tones of tonka bean, strong vanilla, and rich cacao together with the dry, leathery aroma of tobacco blossom. A foundation of woody notes and dried fruits provides an extra kick.

Tobacco Vanille was introduced in 2007. The scent can go both ways, thus it’s labeled as unisex. Tom Ford not only sells flagrances, but also designer clothes, accessories, cosmetics, and other products. The brand originated in 2005, and the fragrance line was started the following year. Prior to this, Tom worked as the creative director for Gucci, taking them out of near bankruptcy. Tom Ford is a U.S. fashion designer, and he also dabbles in film. His films, “A Single Man” and “Nocturnal Animals”, have received positive criticism and reviews.

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12ml Rollon, 24ml Rollon, 36ml Rollon, 24ml Spray, 30ml Spray, 50ml Spray


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