How to Find 3-Day, 5-Day, 7-Day and 10-Day Detox Programs Near Me

Addiction can cause damage to your mental and physical health, your relationships, and even your finances. However, our detox center can help you safely begin the road to recovery. Clients can undergo drug detox in the comfort of their own private room.

Our Tampa Florida addiction treatment experts can help you with your recovery journey. As a preferred rehab center according to Newsweek, WhiteSands is the #1 substance abuse treatment center in Tampa FL. If you think you may need rehab, choosing a detox and addiction therapy program is an important first step toward getting help for alcoholism and drug addiction and finding recovery from substance abuse.

Get Access To Drug & Alcohol Detox Centers Near You

I went through the program and it helped me further my focus. I would recommend WhiteSands Treatment Centerto anyone struggling. The staff truly cares and endeavors to help individuals in need. I have been to two other treatment facilities and had left early because of the lack of care but i have been to white sands a total of 3 times because of the level of care they offer.

  • The center itself is a converted motel with private rooms and a pool that isn’t too unfamiliar.
  • It helps with pain management, in which our chiropractors apply pressure to the individuals’ painful areas.
  • does not guarantee the quality of care or results of working with any provider or treatment facility.

Those who consent to undergo inpatient detox for dependence on any of these drugs will dramatically increase their chances of recovery, thanks to the close supervision of medical experts. Medically assisted treatment (MAT) has come a long way in recent decades for the treatment of addiction. WhiteSands is pleased to provide this type of treatment to clients as needed. However, it can provide advantages at different stages of the recovery process. For instance, during detox, medications can greatly diminish withdrawal symptoms such as insomnia, depression, and even the powerful cravings that often accompany this process. Our drug addiction therapies incorporate behavioral therapy and are varied in order to target different aspects of the disease.

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These types of medications help to occupy the vacant neurotransmitters in your brain to minimize symptoms. This makes your detox experience much more tolerable and gives you the opportunity to stay clean. Addiction can often lead to painful withdrawal symptoms and as a result, the threat of sober house relapse is always present. This treatment method helps to ease these symptoms, along with any of preexisting pain that may have contributed to the individual’s past drug use. Art Therapy has been gaining inroads as an effective alternative addiction therapy for the treatment of addiction.

At The Recovery Village, we offer dual diagnosis treatment to address substance addictions together with co-occurring mental health disorders like anxiety and depression. With these steps, you can make an informed decision on which alcohol rehab program is right for you in California (CA). Take the time to research your options, ask questions, contact treatment facilities, and schedule visits to get the most out of your experience.

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