Oudh Al Makkah Pure Attar

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Non Alcoholic Pure Perfumes
12 Hrs. Gurantee
By Oudh Al Makkah

  • 12ml Rollon
  • 24ml Rollon
  • 36ml Rollon
  • 24ml Spray
  • 30ml Spray
  • 50ml Spray
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In general, the perfume oil is typically Arabic for me. It is very intense, rich and densely interwoven and very musky. This makes it appear filled to the brim with fragrances and symbolically pours out its cornucopia, Oudh Al Makkah is engaging. But yes, you won’t find rose and oud and that’s a nice change.
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12ml Rollon, 24ml Rollon, 36ml Rollon, 24ml Spray, 30ml Spray, 50ml Spray


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