My Burberry 25/30ml

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25ml Branded Perfume

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100 % Same Scent + Same Note + Same Feeling as My Burberry

Non- Alcoholic Perfume

My Burberry by Burberry Perfume. My Burberry perfume delights the senses with a lovely blend of floral and fruity scents. First, the top notes of sweet pea, lime, and citrus excite and draw you in. The geranium, freesia, quince, passionfruit, and green middle notes add a refreshing feeling. Finally, the patchouli, rose, and leather base notes ground this scent and keep it from becoming overwhelming. The finished perfume is as graceful as it is uplifting. All of this is sealed into a gorgeous, gold bottle that is as sophisticated as people have come to expect from Burberry.


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