FOGG Monarch Pocket Perfume 18/20 ml


Branded Pocket Perfume
18 – 20ml 12 hours Long Lasting

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100 % Same Scent + Same Note + Same Feeling as FOGG Monarch

Non- Alcoholic Perfume

Enhancing your confidence, Fougere Fresh, this Fogg perfume spray ensure absolute freshness that lasts all day long. Experience the bliss of smelling good with this Fogg Fresh Aromatic body spray. This refreshing and exhilarating fragrance prevents bad body odour and refreshes your senses. Seductive and tempting, this fragrance adds a spark of freshness to your life. With its natural antibacterial properties, Fogg Body Spray is an exclusionary discovery in the field of fragrances. It is aptly designed for younger generation. It’s enchanting and soothing fragrance delivers 24 hrs. protections from perspiration and body odors. It ensures that you smell great all day.

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