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Non Alcoholic Pure Perfumes
12 Hrs. Gurantee
By Oudh Al Makkah

  • 12ml Rollon
  • 24ml Rollon
  • 36ml Rollon
  • 24ml Spray
  • 30ml Spray
  • 50ml Spray
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100 % Same Scent + Same Note + Same Feeling as Aspen

Non- Alcoholic Perfume

Aspen by Coty Cologne. Aspen by Coty has been beloved by men since its first release in 1989. This fragrance combines refreshing hints of lemon and green notes that are mixed with cedar, balsam fir and bergamot, giving the composition a woodsy, spicy scent. Perfect to wear on days spent outdoors or before heading to the office, Aspen infuses you with extra confidence and rugged elegance. Spray some on in the afternoon to freshen up before your date with someone special.

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12ml Rollon, 24ml Rollon, 36ml Rollon, 24ml Spray, 30ml Spray, 50ml Spray


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